It’s with great joy that we are proud to welcome you to Dieselengineworks! We started this project in February of 2016 and with an ambitious crew we see ourselves being destined for great things in the future.

At present our goals are minimal to say the least. We would love to share them, but we have learned that sharing your goals aloud is the best way to never achieving them, so you will just have to take our word on it.

But rest assured that the minimalist design efforts that you see before you are just a temporary solution, and with dedication and hard work we envision Dieselengineworks being amongst the elite of the internet in the coming years.

So what will you find at Dieselengineworks?

We hope to keep our options open and to date we are aiming for as much randomness and diversity as is humanely possible, but we do plan to hone in on a particular niche over time. But until then, you will most likely find that we enjoy hopping from one subject to another. Of course this can be much to the annoyance of many, but to others that we have spoken to, this can be quite appealing to their growing cultural needs, and truth be told – it’s what we like doing best!

Further plans involve opening our platform up to allow users to post their own stories here on dieselengineworks, but the rest of the plans will have to remain top secret until further notice.

We wish you the best of luck at Dieselengineworks, and if you have any problems, queries or concerns then please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

Contacting us is of mutual benefit both to you and us and we always make a special effort to greet our website’s visitors with the utmost of respect, time and sincerity.

If you need to reach us we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible. Just send an email to admin55 (-at-) Dieselengineworks.com.

Best of luck guys!

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